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Our Firm's Main Focus

We Help Startups Collate.

Our firm guides startups to success through the collection and combination of necessary actions in their proper order.

That's actually the definition of the word 'collate'. Our firm's network can help you shape the technical blueprints that achieve meaningful scale.

Collate Capital

Our Founder

A photograph of Collate Capital founder and managing partner, Mark Weaver
Mark Weaver
Founder and Managing Partner
Throughout his career, Mark has raised and invested over $500 million in a variety of businesses and industries.

Collate Capital has raised more than $100 million for technology businesses since inception.

Technology Factions that Interest Us

Our Specialties


Whether you're looking to start selling to enterprise companies or even if you wish to become one yourself, we can help get your venture there.


Over the past twenty years, consumer tech has become an increasingly important part of our day-to-day lives. We're investing in the next twenty years.


We strongly believe in the compounding network effect of marketplace ventures. Need help balancing supply and demand? Collate knows how to assist.

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Ready to Venture Out?

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Want to launch your startup but not quite sure how to begin? Venture Out is a Seattle-based organization that supports pre-seed, aspiring entrepreneurs with strong domain expertise from large tech companies to launch startups.

Collate intends to invest in the promising startups that graduate from this program.

Collate Capital is a global technology investment firm with offices in New York City and London.